Saturday, September 4, 2010

Siggy to Budapest

Hi there

Sorry haven’t updated this in a while. Have two more days left here in Sigmaringen, been going good. Weather has been average, except last two days have been really good. On Monday morning I train 4hours to Frankfurt then fly to Budapest, looking forward to going there. Training has been going not too bad, ticking over. Shins been average so have been trying to keep them under control and keeping off my feet as much as possible. Love Europe, awesome place to train in. Lots of cool scenery to stare at when out biking and so different to NZ. My race is on Sunday the 12th at 5.30pm, looking forward to it. 78 guys in my race, should be a step up from Youth Olympics, be good. Race might be on TV at home, not sure, but will definitely be able to watch it on the ITU triathlon website…most likely free. After that I will leave with Mum and Dad, be good to see them again in Budapest, been a while. Anyway enough from me, see you soon.



  1. Hi Aaron, Great to hear from you again. Have great trip to Frankfurt & Budapest. Soak it up heaps while youre there, not long until you will be back to the "South Pole"!!! Woken by Earthquake early Sat. morn! Christchurch hammered, Mum said it made breaking news over there. Thinking of you every day(& your shins!!)All the very best for your training & of course your race on the 12th. We will be cheering for ya on the day, Go Hard & we know that once again you will give it all youve got. Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly xoxoxoxo

  2. Hi Aaron, great to hear that you have enjoyed you time in Sigmaringen. You will have had a great look round. Earthquake in Chch has been all over the news it left quite a mess up there. Gave us a shake down here as well.Good luck for your race on the 12th, we will be cheering for you. Weather here been really up and down, snow one day and then sun out the next. Hope your shins are on the improve.Hi from Jess & Gordy.Have a great trip to Budapest. Take Care, Love Kerry, Peter, Jess & Caleb xox

  3. HI AARON!!!!!!

    HAVE A G8 TRIP!!!!


    GO HARD!!!! ENJOY!!!

  4. Hi Bones,
    Enjoy the rest of ya time in Europe and make the most of the nice weather as it's not so great here!!
    "ALL DA BEST" for the rest of your training and for the 12th.
    Rest assured there'll be tonnes of cheering from Knapdale while you're racing!! Hope its televised live this time!!
    Take care of yourself and Hi to Mum, Dad, Kryst, Nana and Grandad when they arrive.
    Love Shell, Shane, Big Man, and Clarry!!! XOXOXO

  5. Hi Bones from Krakow in Poland - really cool place here (and cold!!!) - beautiful old buildings. Went out to Auschwitz & Birkenau concentration camps today - was really good but not a 'nice' place to visit, really sad and quite unbelievable that it all happened. Anyway, was a great experience. Just been for a ride around the city in a horse & carriage (Krystee was Princess Fiona!!! Dad looks like Shrek anyway so he was quite at home!!!!!)
    Had good train trip from Paris (Paris was beautiful - must go there again) - then we took train again to Frankfurt, nowhere near as nice as Paris. Then it was off to Prague, but got held up on the train as some poor man had a massive heart attack - we missed our connecting bus from Nurnberg so finally got on the bus for a 4 hour bus trip to Prague - beautiful old city but didn't get much time to look around. Then yesterday we got a private transfer to Krakow which took around 6 hours - it is heaps colder here - probably colder than when we left home so out with the winter woollies, but they still arent really warm enough (us girls are still toughing it out in 3/4's, boys being total pussies with their jeans on!!!!).
    Going to salt mines tomorrow then guess what on Wednesday - off to Budapest where we can finally see you again, seems like forever.
    Looking forward to it. See you soon.
    Lots of Love, Mum, Dad, Krystee, Nana & Grandad (alias Pockles - he is getting quite used to it now as Krystee calls him that all the time!!!!)