Saturday, September 11, 2010


Sitting in my room, going over and over my race plan in  my head. Tomorrows D-day, been waiting for this for a long time, and I think im ready to give it my best shot. I'm nervous, no doubt about that, but the thing is its just another race, just another swim bike and run; thats just what i do every other day of the year. Only thing different is that this has more bling bling on the line and more guys going for it.....the fastest 78 u19 guys in the world, and they are all as hungry for it as me. I'm going into the race to race my own race, and not worry about anyone else. At the end of the day, im here for myself, and I'm here do my best, and thats all I can ask for. Im excited to get the opportuntiy to race as its very prestigious event and even more special because I will wear NZL accross my chest once again, and every time I do that the feeling never fades away, im always proud and will do nothing less than give it my best.

Tomorrow the agenda is sleep in (have a late night tonight after subway for tea, maybe foot long or foot and half), go to subway have breakfast, go to subway again for lunch, then head to the transitions/course to set everything up. Obviously im a fan of subway, it just works for me and thats what i like. I'll listen to the playlist racesongs on my ipod with a bit of 'lose yourself' by eminem and 'the haka' by the all blacks, those two songs get me in a race mood and will get played over and over again. At 5.20, we get introduced over the speaker to the world, me being number 57, near the end of the pontoon, I'll take my place then when that gun goes, all the bullshit stops, and its time to do what we do best; race.

"The fight is won or lost far away from the witnesses, behind the lines, in the gym, and out there on the road; long before I dance under those lights."

-- Muhammad Ali


  1. Hey there mate,
    All the best for 2morro,
    We all believe in ya sooooo much and no you'll give it everything!!!!
    C ya soon,
    Shell, Shane, Big Man, and Clarry

  2. Hi Aaron, Awesum quote! We are gonna be up Monday morn cheering for ya. Know you will give it your best shot (you always do). Thinking of ya, soak it up, youll be home before ya know it!! Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly xoxoxoxo

  3. bones ur a inspiration m8
    (had to use a dictionary 2 spell it lol)
    :) go hard and gud luck

  4. Hi Aaron

    All the best for the race today. Hope all goes well and we look forward to hearing how you got on.

    Judy, Andrew, BEN and Georgia

  5. Hi Aaron
    All the best for your race tomorrow. We know you will give it your best shot.
    Looking forward to catching up over breakfast at the Green Roome when you get back!!
    Good luck and go hard.
    Bev, Alvin, Lisa & Bradley

  6. good luck for today Aaron,
    Luv Sharyn Deane Jas Joshxxxx

  7. Hi Bones, great blog, so enjoy keeping up to date with you on that. Good luck for your race we are cheering for you all the way. We know you will give it your all you are the man, Take Care, looking forward to watching it on the link.
    Love Kerry, Peter, Jess & Caleb. xox

  8. Good luck Aaron
    Give it heaps, we know you will.
    Bill Pam Gareth Tessa & Megan

  9. Good on you Aaron on your race,

    have a g8 trip home
    we are all proud of you
    now you can bring home the gold and silver medals!
    when you get time you can visit the wildlife park with them!

    Luv sharyn Deane Jas Josh xxxx

  10. Hi Aaron, Congratulations!!! Awesum result you wee machine!! We are so... very proud of you and cant wait to see you! Have a great time in Dubai, bet youre looking forward to spending time with Mum, Dad, Krystee, Nana & Grandad. Have a great trip! Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly xoxoxoxo

  11. Hi Bones, Well done congrats on a great race, you have done so well. We are looking forward to seeing you and your medals.We are so so proud. Have a great time with your family and enjoy a bit of r&r. Take care, Love Kerry, Peter, Jess & Gordy xox

  12. Hey Bones,
    Another absolutely awesum result mate!! You've done sooo well and hope you're as proud of yourself as we all are.
    Have a great time in Dubai with everyone and can't wait to c ya and your "BLING BLING" at the end of the week!!
    Take care and enjoy the "R & R"
    Love Shell, Shane, Big Man, and Clary XOXOXOXO

  13. Well, Aaron, you certainly are making yourself known in the Triathlon world! It won't be long before you are the first place winner, I can feel it! I sent you well wishes for your race but put it on the wrong post so you'll have to go back a day to read it. Enjoy your well deserved vacation in Dubai. We are all so proud and impressed by your skills! I hope you are taking it real easy and getting some rest and relaxation.