Wednesday, September 15, 2010



Well the race went good, but not exactly the result I wanted. I raced as hard as I could and 24th is the best I could do on the day. Nothing went wrong, just I didn’t have it in the tank. As soon as the gun went off I had clear water, but after 200m I hit the wall and struggled for the rest of the swim, I don’t know why, just felt flat. I fell through the places a bit in the water and sat in the middle, swimming hard as I could to stay in touch with the bunch. I come out of the swim, had probly the fastest transition out of everyone, and had to work hard for the first 2min to bridge up the gap to the front bunch. There wasn’t really a front bunch, just a huge long train of guys that were stretched for couple hundred metres. The first 5km were tough, very very fast, some of the hardest biking in triathlon Ive done. Then when we got into town I started to feel good and relax a bit. I was strong on the bike and it showed, I was sitting in good and other guys were hurting. Agter the first lap sitting on the back recovering, I decided to go near the front to stay out of trouble, lucky I did because there were 2 or 3 crashes straight away and I missed them which was good. I pushed the pace for a bit but kept it steady. I come into transition in an ideal spot to attack off the bike onto the run, about in the top 5. As soon as I took my first steps I knew it was going to be a long 5km. And it was. I was hurting. I don’t know why but I couldn’t push harder or run faster. In the warm up I felt the best Id felt in my life, so why did I feel so bad know? I slipped back a lot, struggling to keep up with the incredible pace. I saw guys pass me like I was standing still, guys that I raced at Youth Olympics and couldnt run near as fast as me. In the last 500m I started to feel good, like I should’ve felt from the start. I picked up about 5 spots straight away then had a sprint finish with my mate Knabl from Austria who got 3rd at YOG and who I had a sprint finish with in the teams race at YOG. He got me by a whisker, but was all good because we were both well back and were both capable of making the podium. Kevin McDowell from USA who got 2nd at YOGfinished 3rd, and had a awesome race and deserved to make the podium, hes a consistant and awesome athlete. So, wasn’t really a good day, but guess you get them ae. Had 2 days cruising in Dubai which have been great, and head home tomorrow, looking forward to it. Its been greta trip, met so many new people who will be friends for life and have learnt more in 6 weeks over here than I would 10 years at school. I know the standard that Ive got to be at to race well at elite worlds, and know how much harder Ive got to work to improve, which is a good thing as itl keep me busy and out of trouble for another year!!! Will see you when Im home, be cool to show around my medals and catch up with everyone.



  1. Well done Aaron!
    You did well!! Have enjoyed reading your blogs
    and have a g8 trip back to NZ
    and hopefully we will be seeing you Mum and Dad Krystee and everyone over here soon!
    Take care
    Sharyn Deane Jas Joshxxxxx

  2. Hey, Aaron! You have nothing to apologize for or any explaining to do finishing in the top third! I think it's incredible! Maybe you were just more nervous than you thought you'd be or were intimidated when guys you had previously done better than passed you by. The mind can do strange things to you! But now you know what to expect so the next race will be even better. Congrats on a job well done! Susan

  3. Well done Aaron on your tri at Budapest - we were really proud of your effort , as always. Have loved reading your blogs,and was so good to see you again in Budapest, after so many weeks , since your great achievement in Singapore. Was good to all be together again, to relax,and see some of the sights, before heading home. Nice to have you home again , and know you enjoyed your big oe. Love - Nana & Grandad xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Hi Aaron

    Finally found time to read your last blog after the race in Budapest. Great to hear you enjoyed the whole experience. Although you were personallly disappointed in your race, your followers are all extremely proud to know you and the huge achievements you have already achieved to date especially at the Youth Olympics.

    Enjoy a short break from the busy training and racing schedule you have had. We look forward to hearing when your next competition is and will follow as always with interest

    From Judy, Andrew, BENJAMIN and Georgia