Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hi there

in Budapest now, arrived yesterday afternoon. We are staying in quite a nice apartment, rooming with the other u19s; Edward Rawles and Sam Osbourne plus u23 Tom Davison, good bunch of guys so its all good. Budapest is very different, quite run down and dodgy in some parts, but also some real nice old buildings and stuff. Drivers here are crazy ae seen one crash on our ride today and about 100 other close calls, lots of action, never a dull moment in Europe, bit busiet than Riversdale thats for sure!!! Went for swim today and cruisy bike, was good to have a look around. With the race, there are two transitions, about 6km apart, so thats going to be different and new to me. Water in river is real dirty, but we swimming in a lagoon type thing adjacent to the river, pontoon start with 77 other guys, going to be a full on washing machine start...intense. Bike 6km into town then lap it up couple times, then ran around town and over the famous chain bridge that Budapest is known for a couple of times, should be good, maybe wont have time to check out the scenery though!! Road is bit rough, heaps pot holes which will be good, keep everyone alert and honest ae. Preperation has been good, hard to come off such a high after Youth Olympics and try put it together again but ill give it my best shot, im looking forward to it and never the less its a valuable experience for next year u19, lucky to have 2 chances at this grade. Its been raining here tonight/afternoon, hopefully it snows for my race haha na i dont mind the weather conditions, rain and cold will suit me better as the Euro's have just come out of a hot summer of racing and will be ready for the heat...Im not, ive come from weather in gore! But heat doesnt worry me either, handled it not to bad in Singapore. Done all the hard work, now just got to put the pieces together and hopefully it works out. Can only do what I can do and ill get the results i deserve, so thats all you can ask. Looking forward to getting home, the trip has been wondeful and truly awesome, but I think after the youth olympics im still waiting to get home and celebrate and catch up with everyone, been away for a month now and as cool as it is to be away there is no place like home ae. Had to laugh yesterday at the airport and on the plane, few of the NZ team members were asked if they were the NZ kid who won Youth Olympics (as we all had elite team kit on), so its funny how prestigious that race was and how the news from the 'olympic' world is spread around the world ae, so many people know and have heard about it. pretty awesome, but now not the under dog and boy in the shadows of before. But one more job to do and thats worlds, can watch it live on www.triathlon.org/tv for free, i would give the exact link but computer not letting me. I race 5.30pm local time here on Sunday night which is 3.30am Monday morning in NZ. Will keep updated with race preparation in next few days and fingers crossed all goes well.

Cheers for your support



  1. Hi Aaron, Great blog! Glad you arrived Budapest safely.You sure will have heaps of interesting stories to tell us when you get back home, what an awesome experience for you. So pleased for you that Mum, Dad & Co are all over your side of the world now! Go Aaron! Go KIWI!! Give it heaps Man!! Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly XOXOXOXO

  2. Hey Bones,
    Great to hear ya on the final leg of ya journey and that you'll be home in just over a week!!! YEHA!!! Can't wait to see ya photos and hear all ya awesome experiences from the last month!!!
    We know you'll do ya best and give it all you've got in the tank, so "GO BONES GO"!!!!
    Hopefully you've caught up with the whanau by now and no doubt it'll be great to have a couple of days "R&R" together on the way home.
    Take care & GO HARD MATE!,
    Love Shell, Shane, Tiny (haha) & Clarry!!!

  3. Hi Bones, Great to read your blog, sounds like you have seen a few interesting sights. We all looking forward to seeing photos and medals, great to hear that you arrived safely in Budapest. We will go onto the link and have a look. Good luck for your race we know that you will go hard. Caleb says you are the man, and he looking forward to watching race on the link. Take Care and enjoy the rest of your time, it is great Mum, Dad, & Krystee and Nana & Grandad are over there with you, we are cheering for you Bones. Love Kerry, Peter, Jess & Gordy xoxo

  4. Hi Aaron,
    Just wishing you all the very best for the 12th. Hope your training has been going well and that the skins are on the mend.Go hard and do your very best, we are already very proud of your achievements so far. Once again GOOD LUCK!!!
    Sandy & David

  5. Hi Aaron!!

    All the best for Sunday!!
    Go hard!!
    Thinking of you!!
    Luv Sharyn Deane Jas Joshxxxx

  6. gud luck bones if im up i will watch :) i have an exam munday though no mabes nt wish u the best
    amanda :)

  7. Hi, Aaron well, your big moment is just about 8 hours hours away. I am sure you will do well...I don't want to jinx you by saying too much! Getting a gold your first time out was incredible.As I said before, you set the bar high for yourself. Just finishing that race alive and well is an accomplishment in itself! We host half-ironman contests here and there are times when it's been 104 decF. You could fry an egg on the road surface. I didn't check your weather over there but I assume they are going into autumn as we are here so should be cool. The World Clock calculator tells me it will be 1030 am here when you start the race.I am off tomorrow (I wasn't supposed to be, last minute sched change!) so I will be up at at my computer cheering you on. I already checked the link to be sure it worked for me! Best wishes for a great race, have fun (if that's possible) and may the best man (you) win! Try not to take in any of that polluted water during the swim or you'll be bringing home more than a medal for a souvenir of your trip!!! Susan