Friday, August 27, 2010



Training is going alright here, shins have still been giving me grief so have to watch the running and back off a bit. Biking and swimming is going good though, the weather here is very average, had couple hot days but mainly raining every other day, but still warmer than home. getting close to Budapest now and getting pretty excited, should be good. Sigmaringen is a cool town, me and penny went downtown yesterday and had good look around. Quite good with penny here as got someone i now well and also saves me cooking haha she cooks me lunch!!!!! anyway im off to bed, got a big set of 4km bike 1km run max reps tomorrow......5 of them if the shins can handle it, will see how it goes.



  1. Hi Aaron - we were hoping to see another blog from you, before we head away on Monday morning.Great that Penny is now aver there with you - will be company to have some-one you know, and nice that Penny can make you lunch...Weather has been great this week,and really quite warm, but the forecast isn't that flash. Good to know you are fine - hope your shins improve for you too.Everyone is fine here , and grandad & I are looking forward to seeing you again, hopefully before the tri. Say hello to Penny from us too.
    You will be getting excited about Budapest - make it a hat-trick Aaron- hey, we know you will do your very best , as always, and we are just so proud of you. Take care -see you soon.Lots of love as always.Nana & Grandad xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  2. Hi Aaron, Great to hear Penny there with you. Tell her we say Hi and we wish her all the best as well! Learnt a bit of German yet?? Hope your training goes well & your wee shins improve soon! Thinking of ya in the warmer climate, soak it up!! Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott& Brinly xoxoxoxo

  3. Hi, Aaron! I was wondering when we were going to hear about your second race. Great to hear you got a silver and how close you were to a gold again! I shared your You Tube with some of my co-workers and they were excited for you, too! I know I am only a great aunt, "once removed" at that, but I am truly so proud of you. I cry evey time I see you pull that Finish Line banner over your head and receive your medal. I have seen a little of Germany in person and a lot in photos of a friend who went there for a 3 week tour. It is a very beautiful country. He had photos of some villages and they do look so quaint and peaceful. I assume your shin problems are "shin splints" and I've had the pleasure of experiencing them with skiing, tennis and racquetball. I'm sure your trainers already gave you plenty of advice but I used to warm up my muscles with heat and calf muscle stretching in a hot shower in the locker room before exercise then use ice after exercise to reduce inflammation. Best wishes to you in all your contests and I sooooo envy all of you getting to go to all these places. Don't be in a rush to get back home! This is such an incredible opportunity! You will be seeing and experiencing more during this time than most people ever will in an entire lifetime. You earned your place here..enjoy !! Susan

  4. Hi Bones - well we are on that plane tomorrow so can't wait to catch up with you again on 8th Sept. Will text you as soon as we get to Budapest.
    Train hard, and just enjoy your time in Germany as it will be over before you know it!
    See you soon, missing you, love you heaps.
    Mum, Dad, Krystee xxxxxxxxx

  5. Hio Aaron, Pleased to hear that Penny cooking for you, has she made fudge and hot scones like at wanaka camp. haha Hi to Penny, all the best to the both of you for your next race, look forward to keeping in touch through the blog.Take Care & enjoy your time away.
    Love Kerry, Pete, Jess & Caleb. xox

  6. Hi Bones,
    Hope ya shins aren't giving ya 2 much grief!!!!
    Great to hear Penny's looking after ya and hope ya learning a few good recipes! You'll be able to give Rose a few tips when ya get home! We'll be calling ya the naked chef by then!!lol!!!
    Take care and make the most of your time away, as before you know it you'll be home again!! Can't wait!!!
    Love Shell, Shane, Brod and Taine XXXXXXXX

  7. Hi Aaron, we in Sydney airport so killing a bit of time before we fly to Dubai. Emirates planes are very flash - good flight here so hope it stays that way til we get to Paris. Krystee got her bookmark confiscated at security - it was a steel one like a letter opener - no wonder they took it off her, it looked like a dangerous weapon!!!! Hope your training is going well - say hi to Penny from us, tell her we hope she is behaving herself!!
    See you soon
    Luv Mum, Dad, Krystee, Nana & Grandad

  8. Hi Mate,
    Got Mum, Dad, Kryst, Nana & Pockles off O.K yesterday so won't be long until ya see them. By the sounds of Mums comments above, they've had a few laughs already!!!Lol!!! Would have loved to be jumping on dat plane with them!!!
    Have just watched yours and Sids interviews on Cue T.V. tonight. Awesome again to be watching ya!!
    All the best for the next couple of weeks training and hope the bodies recovering O.K!!!
    Take care and we'll look forward to catching up with more of your updates from Siggy!!
    Love Shell, Shane, Brod and Taine XOXO

  9. Hi Aaron

    Very strange experience watching the Southland news programme in Dunedin. Uncle Roy told us about it so have just watched your interview. Benjamin watches your interviews from the Youth Olympics heaps so he will be keen to watch the Cue interview tomorrow. He certainly is a keen fan of yours

    Good luck with your training.

    Take care and all the best
    Judy, Andrew, Benjamin and Georgia