Monday, August 23, 2010


getting settled into Sigmaringen in southern germany. Is real cool place, love training here. The europe roads are awesome to ride on and awesome scenery. feeling not to bad, still bit smashed after plane ride and not fully recovered after both the races, but getting better. Cant wait to come home, its a long time to be away and cant wait to catch up with everyone, but the training is ideal and pretty good fun hanging with everyonme who has the same goals as me and train just as hard as me.

Thats enough for me, off to bed.

Laters Aaron


  1. Hi Bones - sounds like you are getting settled into Siggy well. Wish we were going there, sounds beautiful.
    Weather is real good here at the moment too.
    Having a busy week trying to get everything done before we fly out on Monday.
    Love reading your blogs, they are awesome.
    Have kept loads of newspaper clippings for you, so you will have a bit of light reading when you get home!
    Take care, train hard, miss you heaps.
    Luv Mum, Dad, Krystee xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi Bones,
    Siggy sounds a really nice place, I asked Ken and Karen if they went there on their travels but they didnt so we're all looking forward to seeing all your photos. Weather here's been great over the last couple of days - (am quite EXCITED!) have even managed to get the lawns mowed!!!
    The last of our cows are away 2morro, so should have booked a trip 2 Hungary after all!!! Hahaha.
    Another great article about ya in the Southland Times again today!
    We're enjoying ya keeping us up to speed with what you're up to via ya blogs, they're great!!
    Take care and enjoy yourself,
    Shell, Shane, Brod and Taine XOXOX

  3. HI Aaron!

    Sounds g8!
    Have fun and enjoy! wont be long before you are back in NZ again!!!

    Take care!
    Luv Sharyn Deane Jas Josh xxxxxx

  4. Hi Aaron, Glad to hear you are enjoying Germany. What a great experience, soak it up! Sounds like the perfect place for your training. We are busy with work at the mo, but cant wait to get in the door to catch up on your blog! Thinking of ya every-day Bones! Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly XXXX

  5. Hi Aaron, Good to hear you are settling into Germany. We have been having some good weather lately so have been haven a mow up.There was a good article about you in the paper today.We really enjoying your blogs, great keeping up to date. Caleb says he hopes you having a good time and he is enjoying reading your articles in the paper instead of a book for his reading log for homework.
    Take Care
    Love Kerry,Pete, Jess & Caleb xox

  6. Hi Aaron - feel as though I am dragging the chain a bit , seeing everyone elses blogs - BUT have been thinking of you , and its been a bit hectic since we got home. Saw your gold winning photo's in the Drs rooms yesterday, when we went to get grandads script. Then trying to get our jobs done in Gore, took us twice as long , but it was great everyone was still on a high from your wins. Siggy sounds like an awesome place. Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks - miss you.....Take care Lots of love Nana & Grandad xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxox

  7. Hi Aaron It all sounds so exciting,we looking forward to hearing about your trip when u get back keep traing hard and take care all the best
    Ron @ Audrey