Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gold Baby Gold


As you may have seen or heard back home I won the first ever guys Youth Olympics Games triathlon. Was awesome. Feels unbeliveable, and hasnt really sunk in yet, but it will when I get home mid next month and get to see friends and family. I had a good race, raced smart and hard and gave it everything I had in the tank. I took a risk on the bike, which I dont normally do, but I only had one chance so I thought why not. It worked out alright, got a small lead at the start of the run but it didnt really relive the pressure. The USA athlete put lots of pressure on me throughout the run and we were neck n neck the whole way. I had a bit more in the tank at the end and wanted it that tiny bit more, and dam was it sweet. I won by 13sec, so had time to enjoy the last couple hundred metres. Was a very proud moment and een better when I had the haka done for me by the NZ team, which was unbeliveable. That was just as cool as having gold dangling around my neck, was so proud to be a kiwi. I've been resting up today and just cruising, and same tomorrow with a it of recovery training. On Thursday I will team up with the Australians and Maddie and do a 4 person relay for Oceania which will be awesome, and cant wait. Been a cool experience and a huge learning curve, experiencing the highs and lows of sport at the elite level. All I could think about during the run was 'dont give up, dont give in' and thinking about everyone thats helped me along the way, espicially someone special starting with J (with the lucky pink ribbon tied to the stem of my bike), who never ever left the back of my mind!!!. Without the support of everyone i wouldve struggled t get here, let alone get on the podium, so for all the help Ive bee given I am extremely grateful. When i return home on the 18th September I will be keen to catch up with everyone and show my medal and have a yarn. In Friday I head to Germany for training camp, so Im not done yet. So I need to focus on Worlds now and try and back up the gold with a solid performance in Budapest. Thanks again, and keep following my blog. I'll try my best to update it everyday in Germany and Hungary. Check out link below on you tube for highlights of race.

PS. Gore High School is awesome-especially the year 13's, luv u guys!!!





  1. Hi Aaron, What a race! Man, what you must be feeling right now, just cant imagine. We are all so rapt and proud of you.Phones been crazy, Heaps of people leaving messages sending their huge Congrats to you. Go hard again on Thursday! Cheering for ya's! Cant wait to see you and the Gold Medal in Sept.Thinking of ya. Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly xoxoxoxo

  2. awesome Aaron - the community is real proud of you and your achievements which you have worked so hard for. All the best for your race tommorrow with the Aussie Girl!!

    Trish Morris
    Gore High School Foundation

  3. Hi Bonez
    Awesum interview again today on t.v.
    Hope ya shins are ok and the prep for tomorrows race is going gud!!!
    Best of luck for tomorrow and we'll be keeping in touch wif mum for race updates!!
    Go hard big man!
    Luv Shell, Shane, Brod and Taine XOXOXOXO

  4. Hey, Aaron! Way to go! GOLD!!! WOW! You set your bar pretty high starting out with the top award! Hope you win more medals of any metal but as I said before, just the fact you are there is a tribute to you in itself. Best wishes and huge CONGRATS! to you, Susan

  5. HEY! :)
    Go hard tomorrow and goodluck! you will do awesome, as always!! CONGRATULATIONS again on getting gold! still bragging about you :) lol. give it your all! xox

  6. Hi Aaron!

    Good luck with tomorrows race, been g8 watching you on tv!! the boys thought it was choice lol! go Karon!... from Josh....Jas's rugby team went in after training and watched you onthe big screen! well all the best and when u get back from everything u will need to organise a hol ova here so we can get a look at the gold!!!!!!!!! those aussies will prob try and kidnap u anyway lol!!!!
    Luv Sharyn Deane Jas Joshxxxxxx

  7. Well done Aaron, we soo soo proud of you. Really looking forward to see that Gold Medal. You had an awesome race. Good luck for your race on thursday.We enjoying watching the coverage on tv.
    Love Kerry, Pete, Jess and Gordy oxo

  8. Hey Bonez!! Geez you've been all over the news, newspaper, radio and I've been getting up at 7:00 to watch you on sky sport!!!! You're a star boy! Good work on Monday, you were amazing. Good luck for tomorrow as well-bring home another gold medal!!I'm sure your team will do great. I can't wait to see you, i've been counting down! Once again good luck for tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!
    I love you heaps!
    Krystee xox

  9. awh shucks :) we luv u 2 bones :)

  10. Hey Bones!
    Good luck with your race today! Im sure you will do awsome again
    Love Jess :)

  11. Good Luck Aaron, your the greatest you can do it. Audrey & Ron

  12. Hi Aaron, MASSIVE CONGRATULATIONS to you again & your team on Winning SILVER today!! What a fantastic (well words cant explain it!!) week. Cant wait to see Mum, Dad, Nana & Grandad 2mora! Lots of reading for you in Newspapers!! Thinking of ya heaps. BIG HUG!!! Love Aunty, Wogga, Scott & Brinly XOXOXOXO

  13. Hi Aaron, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your team on your great race today. We looking forward to watching on telly. looking forward to seeing your medals (and a bit of a try on) you have done so well. Take care and enjoy your trip to Europe.
    Love Kerry, Pete, Jess & Caleb. xox

  14. Well Bones
    Huge CONGRATS to you, Maddie and you team mates.
    Hope to catch up on the race on t.v in the morning.
    Can't wait to see all your "BLING BLING!!"
    Take care and have a great time in Germany and hope ya get a well earned bit of R&R while you're over there.
    Love Shell, Shane, Brod and Taine XOXOXO

  15. Hi Aaron, Once again you have done us all proud. Well done man and may all your hard work keep paying off over the next few weeks!!! Go hard and do your very best - we are all very proud of the wee SOUTHLANDER!!!

    Sandy & David

  16. Congratulations on the silver Aaron, what a week you've had! All the best for Budapest.

    Brian and Karen

  17. HI Aaron congradulations onthe silver!!!! watched race on tv last nite, hope u have a safe trip to Germany and have fun! Luv Sharyn Deane Jas Joshxxxx

  18. Hey Aaron

    What a team even if we had to drag a couple of Aussies around

    you are the man

    the treseder family

  19. hello! how are you?
    do you like Chinese food?

  20. you are simply amazing , aaron .
    you totally deserved it .
    way to make aussies proud . (:

  21. Hi Aaron

    Awesome work getting Gold and Silver. Hope to get a chance to see your medals one day when you travel to Dunedin or we might have to make a special trip down to Riversdale/Gore.

    All the best for the rest of your trip

    Judy, Andrew, BENJAMIN and Georgia